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Fine Art Created by a Talented Landscape Painter in Hopewell, NJ

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Discover the beauty and profound meaning behind Janet Keller Laughlin’s sculpture installations and figurative paintings. This artwork focuses on a series of face, space, time, and place studies.

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Read the reviews that art critics and fellow artists have left about my fine art paintings and sculptures. My art inspires discussions about the meaning and techniques I imbue into each piece.

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Serving the Princeton, New Jersey Area

Who Is Janet Keller Laughlin?

Janet Keller Laughlin is a landscape painter in Hopewell, New Jersey, who creates fine art paintings and sculptures. My creations include decorative, botanical, and textile arts, as well as interior design. I am a member of the Arts Council of Princeton and provide art for galleries, museums, and environmental groups. I am also a teacher, and am very community service-centered. I support local educational and environmental groups.

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